Video coast to coast trip

De coast to coast trip was echt geweldig! In 3 weken tijd zijn we met een groep van in totaal 9 exchange students (inclusief me), een leader en een busdriver van Los Angeles naar New york gereden! We zijn in totaal in 18 staten geweest (over het hele haar bij elkaar 24, nog 26 te gaan, lol). Maar goed hier dus een filmpje van de trip!



Bye Bye Minnesota

Soo… This was it? My year is over? Already? I ask myself. It went by so fast. I remembered the first day like it just happened yesterday. And while I’m typing this, a summary of my last weeks in Minnesota, I’m driving in a van with 8 other exchange students through Texas. The coast to coast trip, where I was looking forward to for so long is finally happening. And don’t get me wrong, I definitely not wanted to leave Minnesota. But I love traveling and I have the feeling more that this is a vacation and afterwards I’ll be going back to Minnesota. It’s weird to think that I’m back in the Netherlands in 2 weeks.
I have to go home. But how can I go home if I’m already home? Minnesota became a second home for me and now I’m going back to what? To home? But my home is here? My friends, family, favorite stores, favorite restaurants, school. And yes of course I love the Netherlands, sometimes I’m as patriotic about the Netherlands as Americans are about America. But I kind of forgot how it was to live in the Netherlands. What kind of stuff did I do with friends? How did I filled my spare time? (hahaha kidding, I’m to busy for spare time). But I don’t really have a choice. After 10 months I have to go back home. 🙁
The weeks before I left Minnesota were filled with a lot of fun stuff. I went roller skating with friends, drove a car (and I wasn’t that bad), went to the movie, went shopping, had a bonfire, met a friend from Holdingford again. Oh and got sick in the last week (and still the first few days of the coast to coast trip). But feeling better now. Gave my dutch flag to a friend and she gave me an American flag 🙂 I packed a box to send home which was heavier than my suitcase. Packed my suitcase (only 44 lb!!!!) Kind of cleaned my room as far as possible when your sick and the only thing you wanted to do is sleep. Enjoyed the last evening meal with my host family and friend. And before you know it, you have to say goodbye. It is difficult to say goodbye when you don’t realize you are leaving and you don’t want to say goodbye.
I know for sure that I’ll come back. At least to ride a snowmobile.
I made in the last months friends who I’ll never forget. Friends where I will come back for. Who wants to come to the Netherlands for you (and all the weird food). Believe me when you start talking about the food we have… And we think that the Americans are unhealthy… lol
Anyways, this is going to be a short blog. I’ll post one about the coast to coast trip (and I’m making a video about the trip!)
I was planning on uploading this in Minnesota. Guess what. I’m right now in San Antonia, TX with a good wifi connection. At least I posted something.
Tomorrow we’re going to Six Flags!
See y’all in 2 weeks.

Accepted by STS Education!

Na (2!) maanden heb ik eindelijk dan mijn pakket klaar…oeps. Ik kreeg hem nog terug gestuurd voor paar kleine wijzigingen, maar hij is nu dan toch echt ‘accepted’ en op weg naar Amerika! Ik besef nog niet echt dat ik volgend schooljaar een jaar weg zal zijn van huis. Veel mensen vragen nu of ik al weet wat ik wil doen, maar ik heb nog geen flauw benul. En als ik dan vertel dat ik een tussenjaar neem en naar Amerika ga, kijken ze me toch nog wel vaak aan.  Maar ik ben benieuwd, en zodra mijn pakket in Amerika geaccepteerd is, kan het (lange) wachten beginnen op en een gastgezin… Spannund!